Delete -a- Dent introduce the Power Tec Miracle System.

Delete- a- Dent aim to and promote repairing rather than replacing panels.

We are the only company in this area to have invested in this state of the art repair tool to enable repairs otherwise impossible using conventional methods.

It truly is a Miracle Tool….

Why we use it…

  • Massive cost savings, we save you at least the cost of a new panel!

  • We can start repairs right away! We don’t have to wait for a new panel that may be on back order or may even be unobtainable.
  • It is much less intrusive as we repair rather than replace, there is much less need to strip panels, For example, many of the vans we work on have racking and tools inside that would need removing. Only by using the “Miracle Tool”,  can you carry out repairs with out having to fully strip the area being worked on, saving you time and money.

  • It reduces our Carbon foot print! and you are doing your “good bit“ for the environment, by utilising the most efficient techniques that use less products, and in effect saving a part reducing the need to produce another one.
  • It does not affect the integrity of the vehicle, or more importantly the manufactures warranty! As no manufactures seams or welds are broken!!!

  • Down time is minimised, meaning you get your vehicle back sooner, saving in replaced vehicle cost, and for business users, has much less impact on your business.
  • Although sometimes a new panel will be the only option (which we can also carry out to factory standards) the “Miracle System” enables us to repair vehicles most other body shops cannot.


Click to see the Power Tec Miracle